System module

The system module has nothing more than just runtime version and getting account details. But for your convenience we've added a huge list for all possible account retrieval options:

public protocol SystemModule: AnyObject {
    func runtimeVersion() async throws -> RuntimeVersion?
    func account(accountId: AccountId) async throws -> Account?
    func account(accountIdHex: String) async throws -> Account?
    func account(publicKey: Data) async throws -> Account?
    func account(publicKeyHex: String) async throws -> Account?
    func account(keyPair: KeyPair) async throws -> Account?

Runtime version

Runtime version is declared like this:

public struct RuntimeVersion: Codable {
    public let specName: String
    public let implName: String
    public let authoringVersion: Index
    public let specVersion: Index
    public let implVersion: Index
    public let apis: [RuntimeVersionApi]
    public let txVersion: Index
    public let stateVersion: UInt8

public struct RuntimeVersionApi: Codable {
    @Array8 public var id: [UInt8]
    public let index: Index

Index is a dynamic type, and you can read more about this here.

And to get runtime version, it's simple as that:

let client: SubstrateClient
let metadata = try await client.modules.system.runtimeVersion()

Account details

You can take a look at Account details struct below:

public struct Account: Codable {
    public let nonce: Index
    public let consumers: Index
    public let providers: Index
    public let sufficients: Index
    public let data: AccountData
    public struct AccountData: Codable {
        public let free: Balance
        public let reserved: Balance
        public let miscFrozen: Balance
        public let feeFrozen: Balance

In addition to Index, here you can find Balance type, which is also another dynamic type.

So here are all examples of how to get account details using different approaches:

let client: SubstrateClient

let keyPair: KeyPair
let account: Account? = try await client.modules.system.account(keyPair: keyPair)

let publicKey = keyPair.publicKey
let account: Account? = try await client.modules.system.account(publicKey: publicKey)
let account: Account? = try await client.modules.system.account(publicKeyHex: publicKey.hex.encode())

let accountId: AccountId = try publicKey.ss58.accountId()
let account: Account? = try await client.modules.system.account(accountId: accountId)
let account1: Account? = try await client.modules.system.account(accountIdHex: accountId.hex.encode())

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